Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay...So it has been awhile. I don't know what happened. I just needed a little blogging break. I know, I should have told you before I left. I am here now! It seems like a lot of people have needed a break. So anywaysies...what have we been up to....
Jess-still working and going to school. He is super busy!
Me-boring you with this uninteresting post.
M-into basketball right now. Tonight at practice, he was totally showing off. He was so cute and so proud. He told me he is the best on his team! He has a good self-esteem!
L-into dance and being a major help to me. She does whatever I ask her to, and she even offered to scrub the kitchen floor for me! She knows how much I love a scrubbed floor!
A-dancing too, and keeping busy trying to be big. She asks me random things like " Why did Heavenly Father give us a tongue?" and today she asked me what fine means. Like "I am fine."

We are getting excited to have spring come. We went to Bear Lake a couple of weekends ago, just to get away. It was so fun. We stayed at some condo's and took our friends with us. That made us more antsy for nicer weather.

My mom came and stayed with us for a few days last week. It was fun to have her, and she helped me get some things organized. I don't think organizing ever ends. One day, that weekness of mine will become a strength. I Hope!

I promise I will be back soon with some more interesting posts, I think I am ready to blog again, and lets be honest, facebook has lost some of its "new and exciting" so now I will have more time!


Tiffany said...

Nice to have you back! =) We need to have lunch sometime with Jaclyn and the little kids!

Jill said...

welcome back to blogland...and no Tara didn't get her 100 mark, she was off by one pound...but she freakin rocked at the challenge and had the most weight to carry because people gave her extra weight to pull and she still won. she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Scarlett said...

I totally know! I was needing a break as well. So fun to hear about your fam. Can't believe how big your kids are getting!

Bonnie said...

Hi Shanna, take a break as often as you need it. We'll understand, even if we bug you a little to come back. ;)
What's there to do at Bear Lake this time of year? We went there in Aug. and loved it. But we played in the water a lot then. Just wondering what's available now. Maybe we'll go back sooner.