Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jess and Mitch just got their hair cut(It looks really good), anywaysies, Jess came home with some "product". On Sunday, as I was getting ready for church, I said, " Jess! now I can use some of your pomade!" (I am all out and I needed some). He turned to me and insistently said "What! I didn't get No pomade. I would NEVER get pomade. That is for girl's and I would never use it."Hmmm....okay. Well.....I like to be right, so I promptly got the pomade and showed him right on the tub where it said pomade. He rolled his eyes. I asked him if he didn't realize he was getting pomade, what did he think he was getting. He thought he was getting gel, because that is what the "smart" girl cutting his hair said. I asked him how much it was and he said it was like $15. OK. Seriously. He spent $15 on what he thought was gel! Boys I tell you.... And the funny thing is, I have been trying to get him to use pomade for years!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's about time!

See how excited she is!
She is a big girl!
She Potty-trained herself!!!
Ok...let me just admit it. 3 kids, and I have NO idea how to potty train. Why you might ask? Well, it
could be that I just have no patience, or it could be that I have naughty kids, but alas, I think it is that I just don't get it! I just am not good at potty training! Mitch and Lindsey were both over 3 when they finally made the switch. Let me just tell you. One day in the fall when they were 3, my neighbor Amy said to Lins "Lindsey, aren't you embarrassed that your Mom still has to change your diapers?" Lindsey kind of smiled and ran inside and wanted her big-girl unders on. NEVER had 1 this day! Well, Mitch took a few more months, but he Never had an accident either! They were totally ready and did it on their own. So...Now Lyss is Finally Potty-trained! Yay! She has been lf potty trained since about November. She decided that I didn't need to change her stinky diapers anymore and I never have. Then last week, we got home from Costco and her pants got wet from her pull-up, so she decided to start wearing her big-girl unders! She only had 2 accidents and one was at 5 in the morning. It has been about 10 we made it! Yay for my big girl!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Holidays in Review

Mitch had fun with all his games.
All of us loved having Jess around.
We tried and failed to keep the mess contained.
Mitch loved his new "basketball warm-ups"!
Lindsey loved all the Barbie fun!
Grandma painted Alyssa's nails on Christmas.

We had a great Christmas and New Year as a family. For Christmas, we stayed here and did some of our own family traditions, and just had fun. The kids thought this was the best Christmas yet, and we thought so too! It gets funner and funner the older they are. Their favorite gifts this year: Mitch-video games; Lindsey-barbies...lots of barbies and a barbie townhouse; Alyssa-either her princess scooter or the Mr. potato head from Grandpa. She loves that potato head! All in all it was a great day. We went to Lehi to hang out with my family at Suzanne and Sterlings and have Christmas dinner. It was fun until the drive home on the ICY roads and blowing snow. Not so fun. The rest of the time, we have had kind of a staycation doing fun things with the kids. We went to Madagascar 2 with my brother Adam and his family on saturday the 27th. Great movie. We also took the the kids to see Bedtime Stories a couple of days ago. It was really cute. Alyssa didn't love it so much. It is more for older kids. Mitch especially liked it. Our nights(and I mean all night) were spent a few times playing cards and games with some of our good friends and our days were spent trying to recover from our nights:) and doing things together! We had a great New Year's with friends again doing the aforementioned up all night games. Thanks heavens for good friends and family. We are excited for the New Year and the possibilities that 2009 will bring!

Out with the old...

...the very nasty old. And in with the new!

What a great way to start out the new year!