Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Spring!

We are so ready for spring at our house! It seems like this winter dragged on and on...and on. Lindsey and Alyssa have been keeping me stocked in Tulips(my very favorite fower) from our garden. We are excited to go to the park, and the then today it has to be cold and rainy. Oh well. We took this opportunity to go to Discovery Gateway and see Sesame Street: the body exhibit(which by the way was not overwhelming and a little gross like the body exhibit my friends and I went to see in Vegas last year). Anywaysies, the kids love Discovery Museum and so here are a few pictures of my cute trio from our yard and I will post some shortly from the children's museum, which I would recommend to anyone over 2. We have gone quite a few times this year, and Alyssa has liked it more and more the older she gets. I hope you enjoy the pics!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeah a Blog!

Yeah I have a blog! Thanks Tiff. I am excited to post some pics. Give me a day or two. Also thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I am feeling much better. This is just a little process to get totally better. I should be good to go in a month or so. Love you all!