Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mitch: My all-time Favorite basketball player

Isn't he adorable?!!

Mitch is COMPLETELY addicted or committed to basketball. You can find him outside 6-7 days a week practicing and playing with whoever will play with him or by himself. He comes home from school and doesn't even come in until he gets at least 20 minutes in. Then he will play very often 2 hours or until it gets dark. It doesn't matter if t is 30 degrees or 100 degrees, he is outside.

Mitch loves to watch basketball on TV and rarely misses the Jazz or BYU games. Sometimes he is even lucky enough to go with his dad to Jazz games. He also went to the Matt Harpring basketball camp this summer. That he didn't love so much. Matt ran a great camp, and didn't let the kids mess around. That was good because Mitch learned a lot!

He practices with the 12 year olds in our ward sometimes, and can hold his own! The coach is excited to have him in 3 years! The funny thing is this is all new in the last couple of years. He now loves basketball, football, and rugby. A couple of years ago (ok when he was 1-5) he was all into vacuums. I wasn't sure what to do with him. We have gone through 6 vacuums in his short life. We are now on #7. We went with a dyson for the warranty, although I think he has outgrown the desire to play with vacuums! I think sports are easier to deal with. the vacuum addiction was very cute though!

He has a drawer full of collared golf shirts and jeans,but will he wear them? NO!!! He wears too big T-shirts with the Jazz on them and washes them frequently so he can wear them or some other athletic shirts EVERY day. I barely got him to stop wearing shorts to school last week!

He wants to play college basketball at BYU when he grows up. He knows he has to have good grades to get in, so a few weeks ago at SEP conference, he had a B on his report card and he wanted to make sure that the B wouldn't mess up his chances of getting into school. I assured him that he was ok. I thought that was very cute! He is such a good boy and a joy to have around. I am so glad that he has found something that he likes and that he sets goals for himself. I am a proud mother!

Go Mitch!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You feel bad....

You know that I love teeth. I try to take care of mine and so far so good. Until now.......

I made it 31 years with no cavities until yesterday when I had a little cavity filled. I know you feel bad for me. I Know it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nativity: The First Tradition

When Jess was growing up, his family had a tradition of putting out the Nativity at the very first of the holiday season, before anything else. I love this tradition, and Jess and I have wholeheartedly incorporated this wonderful little idea. Tonight, while Jess read the story of Christ's birth in Luke, the kids took turns setting up pieces of the Nativity. They had a great time, and I love that putting up the Nativity before the tree and the lights puts the most important reason of Christmas--The birth of out Savior Jesus Christ--in the forefront of our minds. After Jess read the story, we sang a few Christmas songs and got really excited for Christmas! The Christmas songs about Christ always bring a wonderful spirit. I am so glad we get to carry on family traditions and incorporate things from both sides of the family. Don't worry...Christmas Eve will find the kids acting out the Nativity, another wonderful tradition from my side, that I know many people do! Enjoy the pictures!Alyssa was sooo careful with baby Jesus. Lindsey is little Mother---I love her!Mitch and Lins are good friends:) They are getting it just right.Alyssa was sad that daddy wouldnt let her touch the nativity and play with it after--now she has her own in her room.The After picture. It is even ok that Alyssa put the donkey in the rafters! The kids had fun! Happy Holidays!